About Us


Here is my story and journey....
I created Charmed Elements Jewelry after dabbling in a few different accessory brands over the past several years.  I graduated college with a business degree in marketing and international relations, which led me to travel quite frequently overseas.  While overseas, I begin dealing with manufacturing plants to produce handbags that I designed and sold during my college years to help reduce my student debt.
I also sold handbags on my own website and on Amazon.  Although, I enjoyed paying off my debt,  it wasn’t something I was completely passionate about. 
A few months after selling the remainder of my handbags, I started yet another tech brand called TELO. TELO also included a small line of tech jewelry I had manufactured in NYC. After many failed attempts with production and manufacturing overseas,  I quickly realized that I was never going to be satisfied unless I made the jewelry myself.  I was yearning to have more control over the entire process of manufacturing my own jewelry.
 I did a fair amount of soul searching in order to figure out what my next step would be.  I even contemplated changing careers... but my creative mind just wouldn't allow it.
After a 6 month hiatus, I began taking a variety of classes from local artisans throughout Southern California.  I subsequently fell in love with metal-smithing and hand stamping after taking several courses from a local artisan in downtown Los Angeles.  My journey began over 4 years ago, and I've continued to expand my line by incorporating new techniques and designs whenever I can.